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Steven Potts

Game Developer / Writer / Voice Actor

I have loved games since I was a kid. I got an original Nintendo when I was four years old, but the first game that really grabbed me and sucked me in was the original Final Fantasy. I'd always loved books, getting taken into a story and there was a game that offered that same ability, but it allowed you to be more a part of the story and actually take part in it.

My first exposure to programming was in my senior year in High School, Visual Basic and C++. I picked it up really easily, it was challening and fun and I could usually figure out and finish projects in a day when the teacher would assign us weeks to do them.

The moment I knew I wanted to make games came when a friend of mine and I were having a conversation about the Lunar series. This was back before there had been a number of remakes, I loved the originals on the Sega CD. Both my friend and I sat down and worked out an entire design, story and everything for the third game in the series. We took a little bit of that information and we sent it in an e-mail to Working Designs. We never heard anything back, but I enjoyed that so much that I knew it was what I wanted to do.

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